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Four roommates - Arianna, Isabel, Raylieghn, & Zari - all find love at the same time. Isabel is the new girl in town, moving in with an apartment full of people she has to learn to understand, including Candace, the insanely flirtatious lesbian who she now sees everywhere. Zari suddenly has to find a new job where they meet the cute shift supervisor Max and instantly hit it off. Raylieghn can't stop arguing with Brooke, the girl next door, no matter what she does. And Arianna... Arianna goes from thinking she'll never find anyone to having to choose between two guys.

A year ago tragedy shattered Mazey’s life into pieces. Since then she’s been scrambling to try to fit them back together, but keeps feeling like she’s missing something. Until she moves back home and sees Phoenix again for the first time in a long time. With him she feels like everything is okay, like she might be able to start healing. The only problem is actually doing the healing when life won’t stop throwing things her way. 

Felix finally takes the next step in his life and comes out to his parents. 


Yale finally gets the chance at a new start on their first day of college, but now they have to come up with the perfect introduction.

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Quinn loves reading but Carter... hates it. But when Quinn is reading, and Carter wants to spend time with him, they have to learn how to enjoy themselves as well.

Valeria and Quinn have been best friends since their first day of kindergarten. Valeria... well she’s been in love with Quinn for longer than she’d care to admit. Maybe one day she’ll actually get the courage to admit it.

Chloe had a super cute plan for Lila’s birthday — a surprise date night pack. Maybe they’d go see a movie, or grab some dinner... or maybe they’ll go to a picnic. That’ll be fun, right? Only one problem... picnics are for losers.

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I can't seem to help it. Staring at her has become a necessity. I can't take my eyes off her. It's like her beauty holds me captive. I'm addicted to her. She's my life... I need her. Now.

After meeting at a party, Ivy & Zeeke sneak off to the car to have a fun night.


Ginger soothes her girlfriend, Heather, and convinces her to o meet her parents.

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