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Life 2.0

"This story will have you crying, laughing, and cheering for Mazey's success. Beautifully written, with a universal message that can speak to all, Life 2.0 is perfect for remembering what it means to let go and love, even when heartbroken."

Life 2.0 is about rebuilding your life when it seems like everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. Mazey was seemingly happily married when an unexpected tragedy shook her life and cost her everything she thought was important to her. But, given the chance to return home she takes it as a lifeline to recreating a hopeful future. However, recovery is never a one-step process, and moving home does not prove to be enough to allow her to let go of the past. Only with the help of her first love and best friend is she finally able to deal with her past and step into her new life.